Matchup: Gigi Hadid vs Barbara Palvin, Messika Launch Party in Paris

Photo Credit: Instagram

These were taken as part of the Paris Fashion Week, which kicked off earlier in the week and runs through next Tuesday (October 3). Gigi and Barbara were spotted together at a couple events together over the past day, so if you Gigi haters can manage to overcome your bias against her, this poll might just turn out to be more interesting.

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  • Lenilovesfeet

    Barbara should never smile. Love her body! Great figure.
    Gigi, well, meh.

    • Spanglylovesheels

      Yes I was going to say pretty much the same thing. She is pretty until we really see her teeth then its a deal breaker. It strikes me that she reminds me a bit of Martina McBride. Though Martina is prettier.

      Gigi, well, meh. x2!

  • ezrathegreat8 .

    Gigi Hadid

  • Amari

    If you’re as ugly as Gigi you shouldn’t have your hair pulled back like that. So Palvin, i guess. Really scary smile though.

  • disqus_ANvtFnu18q

    Barbara is as vacuous as Gigi and Gigi is as vacuous as Barbara. Case closed.

    • Stevie Jay

      At least Barb is a looker, Gigi… not so much.

  • Jahrgos

    I’m amazed Gigi has that many votes. Granted barbara doesn’t look all that great in these, but so many others she looks real fine (other than smile). Gigi on the other hand… no.

    • Lenilovesfeet

      Truly shocking. I’m not a fan of Barbara’s smile/teeth or face in general, but she has beautiful eyes and WAY better body than Gigi. And, she has no moles.

  • Maaku the Pirate King

    Did Gigi get splashed with brown paint..?