ParanoiDiaz & Her New Life

Paranoid Diaz
She looks the other way b/c she watches all the videos when she gets home. This new anti-paparazzi thing has completely consumed her life. So sad.

Rumor has it that she has some sort of documentary up her sleeve. Anyone have any details? I highly doubt it b/c don’t you need some type of license before you can go around filming?

I just want to see how far she’ll take this protest. Maybe she’ll give up the movie business altogether? It seems the more she tries to run, the more they want to photograph her. Someone needs to tell Cameron to not take life so damn seriously. After all, look what happened to Princess Diana.

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Katie G
Katie G

i liked her in the Mask, but then she became overexposed & got on my nerves.

shes such an airhead, if she didnt want to have her picture taken

she shouldnt be famous.


I never was a huge fan but now she's just crazy and me don't like crazy! Those pics of her and Justin outside the Marmont - WEIRDO!