Ratings: Jaymee Ong


+7.50 – She’s 1/2 Australian and 1/2 CHINESE!!! Oh baby!!! Ni Hao Ma? G’day mate?

+0.27 – Listening to that Australian accent spoken from such a fine piece of Chinese yumminess!!! Oooohhhhwwweeee!!!!!!!

+1.00 - The parents would be much happier with me bringing her home instead of my Colombian fantasies. She speaks fluent Chinese!!!!

-0.88 – Breastsessess!??!?!!?

-0.41 - I’m pissed b/c I can’t find any of the movies she’s worked on since Rave Fever even though imdb.com says they exist!

+0.27 - How can you not be mesmerized by those eyes????

-0.17 - Doesn’t keep hair long all the time as we bastardly folks like it that way…

-0.13 - Posibbly even skinnier than Paris Hilton.

-0.11 – Most recent thing I’ve seen of her is those shots of her from the show Las Vegas.

+0.04 – Still has the potential to make it in Hollywood.

-0.09 – To my knowledge there are no nude pics whatsoever of her tastiness…. no Playboy.

-0.06 – Unknown about current marital status…

+0.08 – To my knowledge has not dated that tool JC Chasez.


7.31 – Total Score

So what if I’m bias towards these 1/2 Chinese beauties! I’m the one writing this so screw you all! Anyways…so she’s 1/2 Chinese, speaks with the Australian accent, and speaks fluent Chinese too! Relatively unknown amongst the masses but she’s what wet dreams are made of for Chinese boys. Mom and Dad…I’m going to make you proud bring home a girl just like this!!!

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I've noticed that Jaymee Ong does not have an official website and the forums and info on her are very fragmented. There is a good-looking site at www.jaymeeong.com that I am helping spread the word about.


She's currently an announcer on Sony's AXN channel in Asia.



Rachelle Wood. Wow. Good find, missy!

Jax, she's all yours, man.


I have a girl you may want to rate ... all my guy friends have been talking about her lately ... go to rachellewood.com