The Bastardly Morning Gossip Report by Gisele Bundchen

– Bob Dylan is one of my all-time favs. Here’s an outtake from Don’t Look Back featuring Mr. Dylan riding in a train through England in 1965. [Goldenfiddle]

– Future Grammy Award winner, Paris Hilton’s epic album debut @ #6. 3 words: WHAT THE FUCK?! [DListed]

– Don’t expect to see Sean Connery in the new Indiana Jones [Glitterati]

– Wedding Crashers is coming to reality TV. What next? [TubeWad]

– Note to all celebs: Be wary of horses & paparazzi [A Socialite’s Life]

– Mommy Pitt not happy w/ her son’s new owner [HollywoodRag]

– Universal to allow free downloading of its entire catalog! Now we’re talking! [Yahoo]