2011 NFL Season: Week 14 Preview

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Lingering comments, questions and concerns from week 13

-I would’ve gone 4 for 4 on my picks last week but for some reason Bill Belichick decided to steer from his cold-blooded ways. Who knew the man had a heart? I figured the Patriots would give a complete ass kicking to their rival Colts. Speaking of a complete ass kicking, did anyone besides Bryan watch the 49ers-Rams game? Now correct me if I’m wrong but I heard somewhere that the Rams didn’t cross the 49ers 35-yard-line the ENTIRE game. That’s an insane stat. Especially considering that several people picked the Rams to win the NFC West. Congrats to the 49ers on clinching that.

-I thought the Bears were one the few NFC teams that could give the Packers a real challenge but without Cutler AND Forte, they just look lost on offense. Now they have to go up against Tebow-mania this weekend. It’s crazy to think that Tim Tebow and the Broncos are in control of their own destiny and could end up hosting a game in the first round of the playoffs. I love it. I also love how NFL traditionalists are so frustrated with his success BUT they have to admit that Tebow looked like a traditional quarterback in the second half against the Vikings this past Sunday.

-With the recent losses by the Lions, Giants, Cowboys and Bears there are actually scenarios where either the Cardinals or Seahawks can make the playoffs. Two teams from the NFC West! On the side the AFC wildcard race took a small hit with the Steelers win last night. Pittsburgh or Baltimore will occupy the first wild card spot so it’s pretty much a four horse race between the Jets, Titans, Bengals and Raiders. It’s very possible that all four teams end up with an 11-5 record.

-As a Cowboys fan for many years now, I have come to expect weird games in Arizona. This past Sunday just added to the “inconceivable ways the Cowboys can lose” list. Listen, no one “ices” their own kicker. I don’t care what anyone says. There was all kinds of crazy going on within the Cowboys coaching staff right before the first kick was taken. After Dez’s catch, call a timeout! You have two of them! Run a random running play with Murray and call the next time out. Well, I guess easier said than done.

-Anyways, funny games this week:

Thursday 12/8
8:25 ET
Cleveland AT Pittsburgh (-14)

Sunday 12/11
1:00 ET
Colts AT Ravens (-16.5)
Texans AT Bengals (-3)
Chiefs AT Jets (-10.5)
Vikings AT Lions (-10)
Saints (-3.5) AT Titans
Eagles AT Dolphins (-3)
Patriots (-8) AT Redskins
Falcons (-2.5) AT Panthers
Buccaneers (-2) AT Jaguars

4:15 ET
49ers (-4) AT Cardinals
Bears AT Broncos (-3.5)
Raiders AT Packers (-11)
Bills AT Chargers (-7)

8:30 ET
Giants AT Cowboys (-3.5)

Monday 12/12
8:35 ET
Rams AT Seahawks (-5.5)

Game of the week
-New York Giants at Dallas Cowboys-
Yeah, I’m a homer sometimes. So what? Sunday should end with a great game between my Cowboys and Eli’s New York Giants. The NFC East lead is on the line. I think this game will be much higher scoring than people expect. The Giants’ bad run defense will have their hands full with DeMarco Murray. On the other side, the Cowboys’ bad pass defense will struggle trying to contain Hakeem Nicks and the emerging Victor Cruz. I expect big turnovers and big plays offensively.

Upset pick of the week
-Cincinnati Bengals over Houston Texans-
I think the Bengals struggles as of late have been more due to their grueling schedule and I think people are underestimating them. Although Texans third-string quarterback hasn’t been terrible, he’s going to carry a heavier load this Sunday and with Andre Johnson out again, it’s not going to be easy. The Texans great running combo of Foster and Tate will go up against the Bengals great running defense. Low scoring battle and it will come down to which young quarterback makes less mistakes. I like the Bengals’ Andy Dalton over Texans’ TJ Yates in that battle.

Close call of the week
-Atlanta Falcons at Carolina Panthers-
I was thinking of picking the Panthers to upset this game but I’m done picking against the Falcons. I don’t enjoy watching them but they seem to either play a team close or win outright. On the other hand, I REALLY enjoy watching Cam Newton play. I love his sideways, superman dives in the end zone. I don’t think the terrible Panthers defense can contain Atlanta’s Michael Turner and the two big recievers…oh yeah, there’s also the greatest TE of all time Tony Gonzalez. I do like them to keep up and make this an exciting, high-scoring game.

STONE COLD Steve Austin LOCK of the week
-San Diego Chargers over Buffalo Bills-
The Bills are in a complete down spiral. There last two games have been close but not being able to come back does a lot for team moral. The Chargers on the other hand looked like the team they’re supposed to be last Monday night. December really is their time of the month and they’re a desperate team, trying to scrap together wins to get back into contention of the AFC West. I can see the Chargers putting up 45 on the Bills.

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Haha, I'm just making fun of a homer. No worries.


Skip Bayliss will proberly fap live on Air about Tebow again


How did I jinx the Cowboys? I never said they were going to win. I said it was going to be good, high scoring game with big turnovers and big plays. Exactly what happened.


Nice job jinxing the Cowboys yet again. You even took out Murray this time.

PS-TEBOW!!!!!!!!!! I don't believe in God, but that it might be a little closer after seeing Barber fumble like that in OT.


are your pick against the spread or straight up? just wondering.