BREAKING!! Pippa Middleton Photographed Walking To Work!!

Pippa Middleton Has Big Plans

Pippa Middleton and her bum made a rare appearance on the site; first since July. Interestingly if you Google “pippa middleton”, the first autofill selection below is “pippa middleton bum”. Apparently Pippa’s bum is still a search engine topic but given our audience of seven here it’s seen as an overrated/non-existent bum that doesn’t deserve the attention it receives. Blame that one photo from the royal wedding for launching the hype machine last year. Anyway, as for this appearance, in typical fashion, Pippa was photographed on her way to work. According to reports, The Queen is currently searching for a party planner for her household and Pippa is rumored to be a candidate for the event coordinator position. Who really cares? And in paparazzi fashion, they had to get a bum shot. That is all.