Maria Menounos Filming “Extra” at The Grove, This Time With Extra Booty!!

Maria Menounos at The Grove

For everyone that’s had a crappy weekend (like Justin Timberlake) let’s hope Maria Menounos and DAT ASS can, for atleast the few minutes you waste on the site, be a momentary diversion to a boring Sunday. Well, so the facts are that Maria was at The Grove, as usual, filming a segment for Extra, as usual, and wearing a tight outfit that showed off her rockin’ bod and most importantly DAT ASS. Maria interviewed Shay Mitchell and Troian Bellisario of ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars, who both aren’t too shabby themselves, but we’re not really interested in plugging the show or linking to another time where Shay and Troian looked smokin’ hot. This post is just one in a long list of dedications to Maria’s good work on Extra and the photographers who do us right by getting multiple shots of DAT ASS.

  • That is one fine Greek woman. That booty is darn near perfect. I hope she is living up to her Greek heritage.

  • Ryozenzuzex

    Dat Ass *plus* VPL? I’m going to be fapping so much I’ll chafe

  • bryanzee

    her body is on poiinttttttttttttttt

  • Nookies

    While her ass is amazing now and it would be the height of happiness being her over and ramming her from behind getting to witness that ass spread out..BUT unfortunately once she gets pregnant her ass/thighs will be wrecked. I’m 3 for 3 on this ^_^

    • But think of all the enjoyment that booty could bring until that time.

    • no one cares

      (Up The Bum No Baby)

  • err

    Amazing body/ booty!

  • best ass on television today, is it the best ass in television history?

    • bryanzee

      Nope, that would go to Biel.

      • was Biel’s ass legendary when she was only doing tv?

    • Moe

      “best ass in TV history” designation would require extensive research…

      • Nookies

        Nope thats easy, Alba in Dark Angel.

  • Mack Power

    I bet Maria Menounos would the perfect girlfriend. I mean Maria see like the type of girl who could put on a sport jersey and sweet pants or no sweet pants. Then play video game, watch some type of sport program, watch a guy film, or willing to do thing very nerdy like go to so type Con. Then when it to go some were fancy and have to act like James Bond does when he go to the enemy part. Maria seem like could fit in. Then when get intimate would a good fuck. The kinda you may get from finally fuck of your dream or get a kinda HOTT girl insecure about herself.