NYC: We’re Assuming Victoria Justice Didn’t Hit Up Howard Stern @ Sirius XM

Victoria Justice Promotes New Film @ Sirius XM in NYC

You gotta admit, Howard interviewing Victoria would be pretty damn sweet! I’m pretty sure the guy could convince her to ride the Sybian. OW!

As we mentioned yesterday, Victoria Justice is currently cruising around NYC making the rounds at various media outlets promoting her upcoming teen comedy “Fun Size,” which hits theaters on Friday. Along w/ Victoria, the cast includes Jane Levy, Thomas McDonell and Chelsea Handler. Even though it’s a Nickelodeon production, the film received a PG-13 rating, so for those of you bastards who plan to check it out, it seems promising! Knowing our luck, it’s probably for bad language as opposed to Victoria getting wasted & stripping off all her clothes.

Anyway, here’s more juice:

Wren (Victoria Justice) is invited to a Halloween party by her crush, Aaron Riley (Thomas McDonell), but she is also ordered by her mother (Chelsea Handler) to take her oddball little brother Albert with her when she goes out trick-or-treating on Halloween. When she goes to the party instead, she loses him and must find him before her mother finds out. So she ends up borrowing a car from some boys and they team up to find Wren’s brother. They end up going through a lot of trouble to find him and go through some crazy shenanigans. Source

“Fun Size” trailer: