Ashley Greene Covers GQ Magazine UK, December 2012

Ashley Greene Covers GQ Magazine - December, 2012Photo Credit: British GQ, Benny Horne

The beautiful Ashley Greene spiced-up the GQ’s December issue (UK edition) in hopes to promote the final installment of the “Twilight” series (thank God).

Just like all the other “Twilight” actors, Ashley needs to get her shit together & really take her career seriously, so that means no more posing nude for SoBe or choosing box-office bombs like “LOL” or the horror flick “The Apparition,” which released back in August. I think it’s safe to say that Ash has to first ditch the people who are advising her on which projects to take on b/c obviously, aside from “Twilight,” they’ve done an absolutely atrocious job. All I gotta say is, thank God for all the “Twilight” bucks, as well as the residual payments from TV & DVD sales that slowly trickle into Ash’s various bank accounts, b/c all the money definitely buys her a little time while she regains her footing & attempts to chose quality projects a little more wisely.
Photo Credit: British GQ, Benny Horne