Hot or Not: Rita Ora @ British Fashion Awards 2012

I’m always up in the air about Rita Ora, so I figured I’d leave it up to you guys to make the final call.

From far, she looks great, but I think that’s mainly because the only think you can see is her rack, which she either has pushed up or upgraded. When you see the HQ image, you can tell her makeup is done very well b/c it doesn’t look like she caked it on, but I’m still not diggin’ the contrast between the dark eyebrows & dirty blonde hair.

Also, as I’ve stated previously, I still can’t believe she’s dating Rob Kardashian of all people. I think it’s safe to say that she can do much-much better, especially for her level of fame.

  • I’m just glad she’s not wearing that red lipstick she looks much better without it.

  • thebattleofbastogne

    She has an intriguing look. Big, brown eyes, full lips, nice smile and a voluptuous body. I hate the blonde hair, but I vote hot.

  • bryanzee

    maybe if her hair wasnt so nappy

  • Pretty girl, bad makeup and the blonde hair with her skin tone is atrocious.

  • she’s 100% hot

  • LaLa

    Did you guys know she isn’t actually black? Yeah, I was shocked to find that out too. She’s Serb/Slav. Cray. It’s amazing what manufacturing pop artists can do to someone’s appearance,

  • McP

    She’s hot, but would be stunning without the ridiculous blonde hair.