Britney Spears Continues To Not Give A Sh*t About What She Looks Like

Britney Spears stops by Rite Aid before doing some shopping in Sunset Plaza in West Hollywood

God damn, it’s almost like she’s going through an endless period or something. Can you smell her through the photos or maybe it’s just me? OK, apologies to those of you who just yacked all over your keyboards/smartphones. These latest pics were snapped yesterday afternoon as Britney Spears was seen stopping by a local Rite-Aid pharmacy to fill her Valtrex prescription for February before hitting up a few stores in Sunset Plaza in West Hollywood.

As you guys know, she recently split from her fake fiance/real agent Jason Trawick, so judging by the way she’s dressing, it appears she’s a rebound candidate for any of you deep-pocketed candidates who don’t mind having to deal with trailer trash STDs and an extremely drugged-up sex partner. Apparently, Brit was wearing the same sweats she was spotted wearing on Monday, but we’re gonna assume one of her caretakers did the laundry since then…