Latest “Iron Man 3″ Trailer to Play during Superbowl

You gotta hand it to those Disney guys – they just never stop thinking, do they? Just like they’re unveiling the latest trailer for Oz The Great and Powerful during the Superbowl, they’re also revealing the biggest and baddest Iron Man 3 trailer to date during the big game. Check out the teaser and let us know if you’ll be setting your DVR for the full 3-minute spectacle this Sunday!

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if they want to do it right they'll have Iron Dude drop in outta copter like the queen did last year in Oylimpic opening....only problem might be that much iron weighs a ton.....jump Tony you can do it...aaaaaarrrrrrgggggg...*SPLAT*...well, that's one way to make a big hit. ;-)