BREAKING!! Hilary Duff Photographed Getting Out Of Her G-Ride!

Hilary Duff Shops In Beverly Hills

Or, she could be getting in, but regardless, she’s looking great in those bootilicious jeans!

I understand haters will continue on their hater paths, but these photos should plant the set of guilt in their conscious b/c you can’t possibly look at these Hilary Duff pics & proceed to sling fatty insults at her. Come on now! Show some love from time to time, you bastards!

These latest photos of singer & actress-turned NY Times Bestselling author were snapped yesterday afternoon as Hilary ran some errands & did some shopping in Beverly Hills. And yes, for the record, she’s still cruising around in the same G-Ride her hubby Mike Comry gifted her back when he was trying real hard to get inside those booty jeans! I know I’ve said this on numerous occasions, but the Mercedes G-Ride is one of the few SUVs that ages very gracefully and carries a high bling-factor. You just know the people behind the wheel are rollin’ in dough (or debt).