March Madness Hotties Bracket – Sweet 16 – EAST


In this latest round we’re including five hand-picked images for each remaining chick (thanks, Google Images!), so make sure you bastards carefully analyze each photo before placing your vote. You never know, there might be an image in the gallery that might just change your vote in favor of the other person. Remember to place your vote in the other regions: West, Europe, & Rest of the World.

Also, gotta thank Gabbo for the idea to do the March Madness Hotties Tournament. All analysis comes from him, as well.

1 Olivia Wilde vs 4 Jessica Alba1 Olivia Wilde vs 4 Jessica Alba

Quick Analysis: Olivia is trouncing the field so far as a #1 should. Alba/Biel should have more than just headshots though, right?

7 Scarlett Johansson vs 6 Kate Upton7 Scarlett Johansson vs 6 Kate Upton

Quick Analysis: Much to the dismay of the board commenters, Kate Upton rolled up another win. How will she do against Scar Jo whose been on even more magazine covers?

VOTE IN OTHER REGIONS: West, Europe, & Rest of the World.

  • bryanzee

    Jessica is slightly hotter than Olivia Wilde, but just slightly. 

    Damn, even the second match up is with two of the most overrated girls in the biz, had to go with Scarlett because she’s just slightly less sloppy than Kate Upton.

  • ElizaR

    Olivia and Scarlett

  • errsome

    Olivia and Scarlett.

  • Nobodysfaultbutmine

    Olivia and Scarlett. Why was Scarlett’s pic changed? It’s her lips, not her tits.

  • McP

    OK enough of this nonsense.  Is this really an attractive midsection?

    • lenilovesfeet

      I would not even mind her wide waist if she had a nice round ass and thick thighs, if she did she would look proportionate. But now? Upper body of a fat girl, lower body of a skinny girl. Face is nothing special either, pretty but meh.

  • McP

    Where’s the ass?

  • McP

    Mmm, nice mole and mustache!

    • nrkey

      McP Dude, i can’t even look at that shit. Ugh.

    • nrkey

      McP Dude, i can’t even look at that shit. Ugh.

  • lenilovesfeet

    Jessica > Olivia. I like Olivia but she is no better looking than Jessica.
    Scarlett > Kate. Kate has an awful body, hairy lip, disgusting mole and chicken legs.

    • McP

      lenilovesfeet Yep, nailed it.  I really want to vote for Olivia, she’s intelligent and kind (and beautiful).  But I’m trying to submit an honest vote just based on appearance, not personality, so no choice but to vote for Alba.

  • Spanglylovesheels

    I want Olivia to win against Jessica Cunt Alba. Just sayin.

  • skilligan

    I have never and will never vote against jessica alba, scarlett is hotter than kate but scarlett is SO annoying i had to think twice

  • Theprinceisonfire

    Ok so this field…is quite weak. Jessica alba has a bad picture going against her, but she really is one of the most beautiful women in hollywood.  Olivia is overrated in my opinion, I don’t like her square jaw , and I think her body doesn’t live up to Jessica, but whatever. Kate Upton is a pretty girl, but she shouldn’t be here. Scarlett is a great actress IMO, and has the strongest sex appeal ever, but she isn’t exactly a canonic beauty.That being said, Jessica Alba should win this, but Scarlett’s charm is undeniable.