Weekend Bikini Body Matchup: Olga Kent and Julia Pereira Spice Up Miami!

Julia Pereira & Olga Kent Enjoy The Beach Together In Miami

Pictured: Olga Kent and Julia Pereira

So, what’s sexier than Olga Kent walking around the beach in a red bikini? How about equally sexy Brazilian model Julia Pereira catwalking alongside Olga? OW!

That’s exactly what happened when the two ladies ran into each other while cruising at the beach in Miami. Aside from driving dudes at the beach crazy and probably sending a few old ones to the ER, the two enjoyed a few laughs as they splashed around the water together.

I know you guys are gonna hate us for this, but whenever we see two beautiful ladies in close proximity, we gotta bust out one of our lame polls. This poll won’t exactly be easy, but that’s life…

Julia Pereira & Olga Kent Enjoy The Beach Together In Miami

Olga Kent and Julia Pereira

Olga Kent and Julia Pereira

Julia Pereira and her man

Olga Kent

  • curvefan

    Olga has more of a shapely ass, not a great ass but better than Julia.

  • WCawuxea

    ritmo_da_noite http://t.co/itxYVvjzVi

  • jcampanipereira

    moejacksoncom Really? That again? Well, than which’s gonna be the award?

    • MoeJackson

      @jcampanipereiramoejacksoncomWe would take you out to a luxurious victory dinner, but your boyfriend would probably kill us…

  • loly

    I don’t like fake boobs, so I find Olga a whole lot more attractive.

  • McP

    I thought Olga would be winning in a  landslide, how is it that she’s losing this?

  • skilligan

    I like Julia’s boobs more so she wins

  • lenilovesfeet

    I like Olga’s body more.

  • ErikColquitt

    These Bitches set shit off this weekend!

  • Camilla

    Julia definitely rocks a bikini !!!!!!!!!! Wow

  • Martinarodrigues

    Júlia Pereira is brazilian top model.She is amazoning!!!

  • Martinarodrigues