Petra Nemcova vs. Marisa Miller at SI Swimsuit 50 Years of Beautiful

Petra Nemcova, Marisa Miller

Pictured: Petra Nemcova (age 34), Marisa Miller (age 35)

“Sports Illustrated Swimsuit: 50 Years of Beautiful” is a two-hour television event presented by NBC And Time Inc. Last night some of your favorite SI swimsuit models of past and present came out in celebration of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue at Dolby Theatre in Beverly Hills. The show will air on February 3rd at 9/8c and hosted by Heidi Klum with appearances by Tyra Banks, Christie Brinkley, Kathy Ireland, Marisa Miller, Kate Upton, and Performances From Enrique Iglesias, The Fray, Lady Antebellum, John Legend and Tim McGraw.

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit: 50 Years of Beautiful” is Produced by Deaton Flanigen Productions Inc. Robert Deaton, George J. Flanigen IV, and Sports Illustrated are executive producers, Gary Halvorson is director, and Ryan O’Dowd is the writer. It will indulge viewers in the storied history of the franchise, with behind-the-scenes footage and photography from the exotic cover shoots and back stories from the most loved and recognizable swimsuit models on the planet. All of this will culminate in a countdown of the top 10 SI swimsuit covers of all time. [Source]

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  • curvefan

    Marisa wins but she better be glad that those 3 over 50 weren’t included.

  • Bobby

    Didn’t Marissa always claim her tits were “all natural”…well all natural my ass, you can clearly see that they have had some kind of malfunction, what a liar.

    • JPRichardson

      @Bobby – She had some work done after the baby.  She has also not shown her famous abs since she was pregnant; I guess that belongs to the past as well.  What a shame.

      • Ralph Woodward

        @JPRichardson So she has the start of a tummy compared to her glory days, so what?

        • Ralph Woodward

          The only reason you think she is starting to get a bit of belly is because she used to look like this. Also, she has a kid for Christ sake’s! A little goo on the abdomen was inevitable.

        • JPRichardson

          Ralph Woodward – That is what I am saying.  Such a shame.

    • johnconnor777

      @Bobby Marisa was blessed with having a small waist, beautiful face, legs, nice ass and a couple of huge and perky natural boobs… this is one of her first photoshoots for Perfect 10 and these tatas were untouched. It is likely she got a breast lift after her baby but on her first years they were not tampared…

      • Bobby

        johnconnor777 I must admit I was obviously wrong…thank you gentlemen…def a top notch body, amazing…

  • lenilovesfeet

    Marissa wins. I never liked Petra’s smile/teeth.

  • skilligan

    Marisa wins this easily

  • McP

    Fine, I’ll take Petra then.

  • johnconnor777

    I miss Marisa, she always been my favorite VS model until Candice arrived

    • johnconnor777 In the same boat. Can’t Marissa be supermodel mom like Miranda?

      • johnconnor777

        Gabbojohnconnor777 I’d take Marisa over Miranda any day, but she is a bit older than Miranda and in model years that’s a lot

  • Me

    Sorry Petra, nice girl, but you are looking kinda funky here.