Hookah Bar

Ahhh…I have finally found a hookah bar in Irvine. Me and a couple of my work buddies went out this hookah bar called Nara Nara and had a good time. I personally pulled a 3 hour double apple hookah session, while the other three dudes wussed out after an hour (they can’t handle like a Davis soldier can). That was the first time I’ve smoked a hookah since Saratoga West #5, and man, do I miss it!! I’m telling you Moe, if you know of any cheap hookahs online or near here, fill me in. This place Nara Nara is a very nice upper class place where the entire client base is all rich ass kids of fathers who own 200 gas stations and oil fields in Iraq/Syria/Kuwait. They were all rowdy and thought they owned the place, but they ended up bringing the hottest lightest colored Indian girls to the club.

Man…good times