Current Issue of Playboy

okay, so there was might hype about the new playboy b/c Charisma Carpenter was going to be in it. I’ll just have to say that I was disappointed with her pictoral. There was no full frontal nudity….which I think she should’ve done, not only because I wanted to see but b/c it’s not like she got much going on right now that Angel is cancelled. I mean, she does have a nice rack but she also has the dark silver dollar size arreolas…not completely kickin but still a mouthful.

anyways though….the other pictoral spreads are pretty damn awesome. the playmate of the month is this japanese chick…hiromi oshima….she’s hot and has an amazing rack…she’s the asian girl that was in the beginning part of the Shake Yo Tailfeather video. also, they got a pictoral of the playmate of the year….damn, she’s frickin hot…

alright, so that’s this month’s issue of playboy…. i was looking forward to charisma carpenter but found that the other 2 spreads were much more arousing…

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