More Vanessa Hudgens Bikini Pics: Yes! Nude Pictures?! Maybe.

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So yes, that’s the current rumor from highly reliable sources @ The Enquirer. They claim that Vanessa took a bunch of naughty pics of herself & then sent them to Zac just to convince him that she’s a respectable girl who wants him to continue sexing her up. Aaaw, how cute & thoughtful of her.

Well, as always w/ pesky digital media (especially the nude flavored media), a member of the Bastardly Third Party Committee intercepted these pictures. If he’s smart (let’s hope not), he’ll blackmail Vanessa b/c she just finished another Highschool Musical project for Disney & is currently rolling in dough. On the other hand, if he’s a complete dumbass (this scenario works in our favor, of course), he’ll log on to some random forum & upload them for free consumption.

And, we’ll end on a career-crunching note…

“It’s a kids’ show, aimed a children, teenagers and their parents and starring a bunch of cute, wholesome youngsters,” said a show insider. “Naked pictures of one of the stars would be catastrophic. “It could bring the whole ‘High School Musical’ franchise to its knees.” [National Ledger]

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