Cora Skinner – Bikini Pics!

Cora Leigh Skinner (born June 18, 1985) is an American model.

Skinner was born in Alexandria, Virginia and grew up in Creston, a small town on the outskirts of San Luis Obispo County, California. She grew up on a 70-acre ranch and considered herself to be a tomboy. As a child, she enjoyed participating in gymnastics, diving, dance, track and field, and cheerleading.[1] Before becoming a full-time model, she attended Long Beach State in Los Angeles, California, working towards a BA in accounting. Wiki

  • Yo Momma

    who is she again???

    anyway shes fuckin hot in every sense of the word

  • RLO

    I googled her stats like the geek I am, they are 34-23-35, pretty perfect.
    Seriously though, that belly looks sunken, I bet the reason she doesn’t have that little pouch is because her stomach is completely devoid of food.

  • RLO

    Her waist looks like it’s around 22″. Her bod looks amazing, but I bet that’s its a fuckin effort to maintain. She probablly spends around 2 hours at the gym a day and is not the kind of girl you could take out for any sort of meal apart from a salad bar.

  • jennyla

    Wrong. My guess is 25 to 26 (she’s 5’8) inches and it isn’t that hard to maintain if youre young and healthy. The reason it looks super tiny is because the boobs are huge and she has broad feminine shoulders. I’m jelous that she doesn’t have a belly pouch at the bottom, like it doesn’t stick out not even a little! Bitch.

  • Sir Percy of Scandia

    whoa!!! hold up a minute. this chick is with brody f. jenner. is that homie in the pics. i take back the whole can’t think when i look at this chick.

    Sir Percy of Scandia’s Rules to Survival:

    rule #549: don’t ever touch girls that have been touched by guys who’ve appeared on a MTV “reality show.”

  • Mr. Sinister

    Nothing negative to say she hot and bangable,but could use a little more ass.

  • jennyla

    Amazing body..! A-maz-ing.

  • Sexy Rexy

    What a beautiful fucking body. I wonder if her tits are real. If they are not the surgeon did a damn good job, i’ll say. And i love her tiny waist! Her face is a little bit average, though.

  • damnable

    she’s bumlickable.

  • Wisco

    I want her body. Minus the fake boobs.

  • AlinaMaria

    brody jenner is a dick. This girl is hot. Hopefully she’ll get a clue and leave his gay ass

  • Nikki

    Wow, I have nothing mean to say. She’s hot!

  • SchmaddaKid

    another idiot that goes into the water with glasses.

  • Goliano

    “apart from the non-existent ass on page 5…”

    Thanks. I’ll look no further.

  • Ugly Model

    Very nice tits. They look very juicy.

  • jjoihn

    I was waiting for u to put up pics of her. Her body puts alot of those celebs to shame… shes PERFECT!!! Those tits, that flat stomach, nice legs and small round ass….HOT HOT HOT!!!

  • nathan

    AMMMMMMMAZING BODY!!! Wow plz no Hiltons, or Lohans, pt plain celebs more of this girl. That bod is outta control!

  • damnable

    i agree that she’s got one hell of a rockin’ bod.

    BUUUUT……..just to be nitpicky, cuz that’s what we do here…pic 3…she’s got sausage toes. thankfully no cankles, but there ya go. sausage toes.

  • Blickerfield93277

    never seen this hot chick before… since i was johnny benson fan for years…

  • phil


  • The Devil

    Damn, I’ve never seen her before. She could become one of my favorites.

  • oink

    please tell me where can I find her and join her having so much fun on the beach. I want to put my blanket near to her so I can look at her all day without her boyfriend starting to be jealous of her…Ha Ha
    Happy New Year 2009~!!

  • Dennis

    I hate to promote another site but check her out at sportsbybrooks. This woman is ridiculous! I’ve matured now so I probably wouldn’t follow her into an active volcano. Probably!!

  • jennyla

    i remember her she has such a great body… why the HELL is she with Brody Jenner then? Somethings off…

  • Sass

    Wow… I´m so jealous, she have the perfect body!!

  • Player

    She gets my vote and full attention!

  • malkswiss521

    cora skinner u fuckhead, i got tired people forgetting this shit

  • malkswiss521

    hey dude, go fuck yourself, no one likes you

  • JD

    One of the hottest girls i´ve ever seen here…

    [But that last name, could she be Principal Skinner bastard daugther, born in his wild days?]

  • ass

    bitch needs to get fucked by a real man, not a faggot like that guy