Hayden Panettiere Has Hot Tub Fun With Chumps!

For Hayden’s sake, we’ll assume these are from her younger, wilder days when she used to go partying with Paris.

As for all the chumps in the hot tub, here’s how Jackson described the Chump Personality Type back in 2004…

The Chump…aka suckas.

Now all of us guys have pulled chump maneuvers when trying to pursue a lady…I’ll admit I have. What separates a normal guy from a chump is that we might do these stupid things because girls mesmerize us into their grasp…but it is us who know when to cut our losses before we get completely played that keeps us from falling into this downward spiral of chumpness. For example, chump maneuvers could be the constant calling, paying for everything, or agreeing with everything she says. The typical chump exemplifies the listed examples and more…but magnified to the 10th degree. The chump is basically trying to mold themselves into the ideal man for the girl that he wants to have sex with knowing that he’s not being true to himself but trying to get girls to like him. The chump is someone that stays around even though he knows he’s never going to get laid from the girl but hopes that maybe one of these days (within 20 years) she’ll see him in a different light and they’ll fall in love or they’ll get really drunk one night and have meaningless sex. [Read more…]

Here’s one more pic of Hayden w/ her girlfriends…


    CATHY R,

    H A H A H A H A
    get out of here

  • Sexy Stunner

    shes so cute here

  • ***

    Your all idiots thats not the shocker. its the pointer and middle finger than the pinky finger not the thumb

  • ElSardine

    What gang are they in?Oh and CATHY R.you are a skinny short haired man thing…

  • ReedO

    I wonder if she even knows the hand sign she is giving- Two in the pink, one in the stink….

  • Ugly Model1

    Actually CATHY R does have a point here.

  • hah

    i knew Hayden liked it in the butt!

  • CATHY R.


  • BlueElement2k

    The only hand signals that are acceptable are the conquest symbols.

  • BlueElement2k

  • Hugh G Rection

    I bet a couple of those guys shot their load in that water and they are all swimming around in it. Hayden probably accidentally drank a couple loads worth and didn’t even know it!

  • BlueElement2k

    Thats the lamest hot tub ever

  • sandra

    the one in pink bikini looks good, hayden looks good too

  • ***

    ok nevermind i didnt look at the second picture

  • alexg

    jensen ackles got his dickk cut offffff making out with billy ray cyrus on the set of hanna montana. zac efron got his dickk cut offf licking corbin blue’s tt has a face only mother could love and is is jason vorhees

  • any
  • any
  • Chris

    CATHY R., You need to shut your mouth and know your role when Chris speaks. Don’t hate Hayden Panettiere because, she knows how to please guys and I’m included. I am saying this in a respectful pleasing as in making guys crush and blush over her. Cathy R, maybe you don’t have a boyfriend and Hayden’s sexiness is making you hate the fact that she has a man Steve Jones. I’ve been infatuated with Hayden since, she was a kid a young crushy, crushy feeling boy sees girl boy falls for girl, but she doesn’t know he exists thats what I’m saying gorgeous. Ugly Model 1 don’t contribute to ignorance I have seen Hayden’s modeling photos and she is indeed sexy. A woman that makes playboy girls look like grown children and I’m not lying about that. Hayden is real female beauty those Hugh Hefner girls can’t get real guys because they lower their stature for meat instead of a person with a personality. In, other words guys your woman that only cares for sex is a woman who has no sense of value and morals.

    Peace Out,