Christina Ricci & Her Legs @ “Inglourious Basterds” Premiere

Photo Credit: Bauer-Griffin
These were snapped just last night at the L.A. premiere of “Inglourious Basterds” held at the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre.

Christina Ricci has three projects set to drop in the months ahead: “After.Life,” “New York, I Love You” & “All’s Faire in Love,” in which she co-stars with her current fiance comedian Benjamin Owen.

“After.Life,” a horror flick releasing before Halloween on October 9th, appears to be somewhat promising. A trailer isn’t available just yet, but here’s a brief overview…
The story is about a young woman (Christina Ricci) caught between life and death, and a funeral director who appears to have the gift of transitioning the dead, but who might just be a psychopath intent on burying her alive. [Source]

  • Eto Demerzel

    never a fan but she looks super sexy here..

  • ObeyYourGod

    God, i want me some of that Christina Ricci sweetness.

  • rudy8472

    I don’t know what she has done the past couple years but she is looking gorgious. Wednesday can wrap those legs around me any day of the week.

  • linc635

    She’s been this damn sexy for a loooooooonnnnnnnggggg time now.

  • Timmy Flaherty

    She is such a sexy little babe and I love her legs. Too bad she wasn’t wearing sandals. I masturbate to her a lot and love to masturbate to Christina Ricci. Her beauty and smile make it so good. And so do those awesome legs!

  • tutudespot

    All that plastic surgery, and she still looks ugly.

  • plulu

    Short legs can be DYNOMITE!
    She is super cute.

  • Rhonda

    She’s cute and sexy. Love her curves.

  • Boz

    thank God, she’s hiding her IMAX forehead….

  • Mike Litoris

    Thank god she is covering that fivehead with her bangs.

  • Angus

    This is good, this is very good.
    She is shooting way up on the list.

  • dorkus2

    I’ll never forgive her for downsizing those spectacular boobies

  • Dr. Smooth

    And you wonder why Wednesdays are hump days. I want to lick Christina’s legs so much right now.

  • WeakForEmily

    I love this photoset. To me, Christina Ricci has always been one of the best actresses to masturbate to. This set didn’t disappoint to that end. Her body is tight, her breasts are amazing and her face says come, take me. Thanks again Christina for more “stress relief”.

  • Dr. Smooth

    DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’d loved to lick the f**k out of her.

  • Timmy Flaherty

    I’m using this set now to masturbate, too. I love to masturbate to Christina Ricci. What a cute little honey. Glad you are enjoying her beauty, too.