Kate Mara @ “A Nightmare On Elm Street” Premiere

Kate Mara doesn’t appear in A Nightmare on Elm Street but rather her sister Rooney plays the role of Nancy Holbrook originally played by Heather Langerkamp (as Nancy Thompson). Rather, Kate appears in Iron Man 2 and is credited as U.S. Marshal, according to IMDb.

  • Bubba McFadden

    is her sister as hot as she is?

    i love women that look like they skipped the gym and went to dairy queen.

  • The Devil

    Wow. She looks like she has an unhealthy belief in her lord.

    Like she churns butter because believes electricity is evil.

    Like her father betrothed her to their neighbors for 20 cows and a covered wagon.

    Like she’s never left the state of Pennsylvania, even during Rumspringa.

  • JonYo

    Raise your chin up a little Kate! Stop trying to look so coy! Go be demure on your own time, you’re promoting a movie here, or your own career, or something, whatever. Come on!

  • JonYo


  • svetlana

    I can’t look at her without staring at that tiny forehead. It was even worse on Nip/Tuck–her hairline almost touched her eyebrows! nasty. give me a fivehead any day over this!

  • The Devil


  • Boz

    cute girl.

  • spangly

    I know I shouldn’t reply to a post that is old now but did anyone see Kate here on Craig Ferguson? She may not be gorgeous in these pics but she is a “durty gurl” and had a lot of flirty fun with Craig. Even shocked him with a comment she made….