Photo Shoot Matchup: “In Time” Stars Amanda Seyfried & Olivia Wilde

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As you guys know, among all huge releases hitting theaters today, the beautiful duo Olivia Wilde & Amanda Seyfried star in the sci-fi triller “In Time,” which also stars Justin Timberlake. Amanda plays J.T.’s love interest & Olivia is his mom—makes more sense after you read the film’s premise. It’s getting favorable reviews, but with so many frickin’ films out there right now, it’s very difficult to decide which one is worth the $22 (popcorn, film, drink)!

Anyway, in celebration of their new film, we grabbed photo shoots of each chick & put them head to head. As you browse through, it becomes apparent very quickly that Olivia Wilde is extremely comfortable wearing next nothing in front of cameras, while on the other hand, Amanda Seyfried surprisingly doesn’t really do many scandalous shoots. I point that out only because Olivia doesn’t come off as your typical skanky star, but from the looks of the pics, short of straight-up nudity, the sexy “Tron” star will do whatever it takes to make the photographer happy.