Beverly Hills: Forevermark & InStyle Honors Michelle Williams

Photo Credit: WENN

The Forevermark & InStyle “A Promise Of Beauty And Brilliance” Golden Globe Awards event at the Beverly Hills Hotel brought out a lot of celebrities and by that I mean a lot to the point where that’s going to dominate today’s posts. The event honored Michelle Williams for reasons we didn’t bother looking up considering that there were many photos to go through.

As we stated in the Audi and Martin Katz Golden Globes Kick-Off Party, it’s expected that leading up to this Sunday’s award show that there’d be many parties and therefore many photo ops for celebs who want us to remember that they’re still around. Here are the first four including honoree Michelle Williams, and expected 24 more ladies (in no particular order).

Be sure to check out the post that included attendees like Sophia Bush, Rebecca Romijn, and Beau Dunn or the other post that included attendees like Nina Dobrev, Jessica Lowndes, and Miss Golden Globe 2012, Rainey Qualley.

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