NYC: Red Carpet Ladies @ 2012 amfAR New York Gala

  • dinodan

    Rose has always turned me on….but not digging the bangs.

    And that could be the worst Lindsay has ever looked.

  • RDouble365

    MILF-tastic Cindy and Liz makes Group No.1 the winners!!

    It was hard turning down a team with Leighton Meeser in it…..she looks SOOOOOOOOO damn GOOD!!!

  • Tapper

    I feel sorry for Karolina. I remember when she got killed for being fat a couple of years ago. I think it was a “thyroid issue” then. She looks better fat than skinny. She can’t win either way!

  • Julz

    I can’t believe that’s LL, at first I thought it’s some blonde wannabe Z-celebrity like Victoria Silverstds or someone. I guess she spent her Playboy check on a new set of cheeks, veneers and possibly a new boob job. Either way what a waste of a once beautiful redhead.

  • dims

    Why even take pictures of Lindsay anymore. She ruined herself. Nobody wants to see her. It’s like if she died and a 50 year old replaced her.

  • LaLa

    Liz, Cindy and Heidi are looking bangin’ in their old age. Leighton, Erin and Rose look good too. Lindsay Lohan looks like someones rich, Jewish grandmother and Alexa Chung is lookin’ fugly as all hell.

  • Leni

    lol, Alexa Chung’s legs, ahahahaha
    Chloe Bello is very pretty, I just googled her and liked her alot.

  • The Devil

    Oh my damn, did Lindsay Lohan die?


  • The Devil

    Oh yeah, big shout out to Cindy Crawford and Liz Hurley reppin’ the over 40 dime pieces.

    They are sooooo much hotter than the girls at this event half their ages.

  • annak

    fuck. there’s no turning back for lindsay.

  • ladylazarus

    Chloe bello is gorg.

  • lazydayz

    Holy fuckshits. Lindsay looks like she’s decomposing.

  • Eloise

    Man, Lindsay ruined that last row. It’s not even fair.