Logan Henderson of Boy Band “Big Time Rush” Owns TWO Fisker Karmas

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

Recent studies by scientists at Stanford University revealed that owning one Fisker Karma adds about five inches to your penis, so just imagine what owning two of these plug-in luxury hybrid sports sedans can do for your ego. DAAAYUM!!

Here are some quick facts: The ride, which gets 52 miles per gallon in all-electric mode, will cost you $120,000, but you gotta put yourself on the waiting list, which currently sits at around THREE years! That’s right, three-fucking-years! I’m sure if you’re name is Justin Bieber or Leonardo DiCaprio, the wait will be slightly shorter.

The dude must have some great connections b/c apparently he’s the only person in the country with a pair of Karma Fiskers! Not exactly the smartest way to invest your hard-earned boy-band cash, but hey, you’re young, rich & stupid only once, right?
Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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