BREAKING!! Jennifer Aniston Slightly Cold On “We Are The Millers” Film Set

Photo Credit: INF Photo

These were snapped yesterday afternoon as Jennifer Aniston was spotted on the set of “We Are The Millers,” which is currently filming in Wilmington, NC. According to J. Aniston’s Wiki page, she and “Jason Sudeikis star in the comedy about a drug dealer with a fake family.” You can read more about the film on its IMDb page.

  • Mundo

    I like her cute little juicy boobies

  • McPerv

    Body looks fine, face it starting to show its age.

  • McPerv


  • Freep

    my god she must have been so much fun in junior high with those nipples. so many grades ruined due to constant erections.

  • bobthenob

    yes the title is wrong cold not i live here wilm nc hot yes