Housekeeping: How Are Things Now?

We’ve been endlessly tweaking things on the site for the past couple weeks so I hope the two or three of you bastards who are still around find some of the changes useful. Our goal is to find a healthy balance between community, ease of use and stability, so thank you for your patience while we work through the kinks!

Please take a few seconds to give us constructive feedback and we’ll do our best to take all your suggestions into consideration when deciding what to tackle next.

Community Will Return
We’ve done this a long time & each time we’ve transitioned people have left for one reason or another. This time we’re thinking much more long-term than before & I can all but guarantee a new batch of peeps will settle in. It might take a few months or a year, but they will come. At the end of the day, crazy people will drive us nuts whether they’re logged in or not (we have many examples from over the years), but the benefits of an open community are far greater. We just came to the realization that a gossip site shouldn’t force people create an account when somebody just wants to leave a couple thoughts & never come back. At times, those are some of the most entertaining comments. At the end of the day, we’re commenting on celebrities, their respective legs, racks, butts, etc., so we gotta stop taking ourselves so seriously & just enjoy the few minutes away from our robot lives. Right?!

Navigating The Gallery
We’ve made it so that you can click on the photo itself to go to the next photo. Once each gallery set finishes, it will go to the next gallery in the archives, so if you’re really bored out of your mind, you can literally spend a few days in the gallery section & not even scratch the surface of our entire collection of nearly 40,000 posts over the past eight years. Ya, I know, we have no lives.

HTML For Posting Photos & Videos
If you’re looking post photos, use simple HTML like this:
Videos are much easier: Just paste the YouTube video link & it’ll automatically embed the video to the comment. Video services other than YouTube will appear as links..

Feature Highlight: Daily Catwalks
Previously we used to create separate posts for these daily catwalks, but that limited the number of celebrities we could post, as well as the speed we could get new photos up on the site. This new section attacks both problems and creates an area that’s offers a highly curated selection of candid and red carpet photos that we feel deserve a spotlight. You can easily comment on these photos by clicking directly on the photo or on the comment bubble that appears when hovering over the photo.

Let us know how we can make this section better. We truly feel it makes the consumption of the latest photos far easier than before! Less clicks, ads and pageloads! Who doesn’t like that?

Feature Highlight: Mobile Version
While obviously not as robust as the full version, we still like what you can do on the new mobile site! You can quickly view photos in the gallery and make comments when on your smartphone! When you’re on the go, the mobile site is definitely worth a look-see.

Again, thank you for your support and patience. We’ll continue trying our best to win you bastards over one by one. In the meantime, happy browsing!

  • spanglylovesheels

    Moe and Jackson, I am glad that you have been trying to make things better after you basically wrecked the site. But you threw the baby out with the bathwater. It was the sense of community that MADE this site and now that is totally gone. I have seen some names that I recognize but as others have pointed out, there is no way to know if those are the same people that used those names before or posers. I miss Leni and Boz and Caitie and all the old regulars (including Nookies) and those long threads of interesting, sometimes hateful, bullshit and bluster.

    The Catwalks are unnecessary imho. I ignore them. I continue to like the bigger pictures and also the captions under the pics so I can easily identify the pretty ladies. But lots of other sites have pictures of pretty ladies. You link to the Superficial and other sites that often have better coverage than you guys do. I have started to take the hint and go to those sites more often. They don’t offer a very good community either but they beat you on pics and speed to get stories. I have started going to Jezebel everyday for the interesting stories. Glimmer used to post similar controversial subjects on that great sidebar you used to have. Now no Glimmer or sidebar!

    I know you wanted constructive criticism here but I’m still too pissed off by the changes to really care that much to help you tweak a site that was once great but now is very average. I guess one thing I truly wish you could fix is that if I go into a gallery now and look through the pics and then use my browser to go back to the story I instead go back to the top of the site. It loses my place! Then I have to scroll back down the list to find where I was at. I often am a day or so behind so I used to love the page numbers. I could start at the bottom of page 3 say and work my way back to the top of page 1. Now that is impossible.

    Anyway, not sure what you are willing to do to fix the site. If this is the site you guys now want then be prepared to lose all of us soon. ‘cept maybe Skilligan!

    • Hey Ch.W., I can’t find your email, can you please send it to me at
      Miss ya!!!

      • spanglylovesheels

        I sent you an email. Hope it is really you!

        • It is me, I just sent you 2 emails with pics as a proof it’s me ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Moe

      Thanks for your thoughts. Will take things into account.

      As for losing your place on the front page: have u tried using the days of the week in the featured block at the top? Those are the most popular stories from that day or you can click over to see all the posts from that day (bottom right)

    • Moe

      Also with regards to content, we’ve never been a site that reports news or the latest shit. We just like to screw around with content in our own way.

      Our approach is to take the content far less seriously and mock the way celebrity gossip gets reported. And, the horny 6th grader inside us likes to feature that day’s ladies in a tasteful light (when possible, of course).

      We can’t force anybody to stay! All we can do is write about what interests us and if people dig it, they’ll join in the fun. People’s tastes change over time, so I don’t blame you for going elsewhere. Hopefully you’ll visit from time to time to say hi.

    • George the Canadian Bastard

      I agree with bastard spangly 100%. The loss of the sense of community is key. The catwalks add little and too many pictures load at first. Lastly, it is annoying that some anonymous peep can post under your name with impunity, as if we were on CelebJihad.

      One useful addition would be a short tutorial on how a WordPress user can post pictures. Some of us grew up learning fortran, not HTML.

      -Gerorge the real Canadian Bastard

      P.S. I miss MCIT.

  • Nookies

    Website blows now. Most posts only get a couple comments. Took away the community aspect. I can’t send dick pics, nor pics of hot chicks to my BFFs on here anymore..FUCK you could of at least implemented a chatroom. That would of been more used than any other unneeded clog on this site.

    • Moe

      A chat room?! ha.

      that’s a good one.

      Hey did you see the new carousel feature w/ catwalks?

      What’s your take?

      • Nookies

        IRC based chatroom that pops up a window shouldn’t be too difficult..That said, the catwalks is still meh. Also please for the love of god go back to a pages format and not a never ending scroll. sometimes when I scroll down it jumps up, basically resulting in me losing my spot. Pages > Scroll.

        • Moe

          that’s something that’s worth voting on…

          i always thought infinite scroll is the easier, more user friendly route. we lose pageviews w/ it, so it was purely a user-interface decision.

        • spanglylovesheels

          I don’t agree with Nookies about everything but I fully support his opinions on this scrolling crap. Just now I went to hit the thumbs up and the damn screen shifted to the top again. I hate the scroll!

          • Moe

            we’ll see if there’s a way to turn it off for individuals. gotta put it this up for vote next week.

          • lenilovesfeet

            I hate the infinite scrolling as well. If possible, turn it off for me k? thanks in advance

          • Moe

            Leni, try use the featured block at the top to help navigate the day’s popular posts or click on the “More Stores From Today” link to see all that day’s posts without infinite scroll.

    • grgecdnbastard

      Dearest Nookies,

      First, I don’t care to see your peen pics or pics of you and some whale. Second, we could really use videos of use nailing some squirrel at 50 yards. Good times.

      • Nookies

        But the ladies beg me for em ๐Ÿ˜› I put a scope on my ruger 10/22..Now I just need to find a scope cam so you can see the awesomeness that is hollow points in first person mode.

        • grgecdnbastard

          I’ll send you $50 on PayPal to make it happen. US bucks to boot.

          • Moe

            this conversation took a quick turn, huh?

  • I don’t think the site is perfect BUT I think if the community is as strong as many claim nothing should stop them. I also think patience is key in a situation like this. I enjoy the site and have commented on everything HOPING others would follow suit. Hopefully everyone comes back.

  • Nookies

    MOE you live in NY, you totally need to send me a plane ticket and let me crash at your place..So I can bang a swim suit model or two.

  • iambastard

    Bring profiles back. You don’t have to make it mandatory to open an account for posting comments. Let them post as ‘Anonymous’. However those of us who want to keep our bastardly names should be allowed a choice for creating profiles. The never-ending scroll-y sucks.

  • 404 name not found

    This stinks.
    I’ve been visiting The Bastardly, then Moejackson for years and I was leaving comments almost daily. The site now is a huge disappointment. The last time I came here was three weeks ago, it’s just not entertaining anymore.
    I’m gone.

  • Fuck gravatar, also no Olga post. You suck moe.

  • Anonymous

    Moe, as a long time poster, I wish you would just put a bullet in the server of Moejackson. I no longer find this site entertaining, but still feel obligated to visit the site and leave random posts. Please terminate the site so we all have closure and we can all move on with our lives. I feel I am not alone in feeling this way and you may also feel the same.

    • Moe

      great idea. that’s exactly what we’ll do.

      • Actually, that’s the most logical solution.

        If you’re treating this site as your own little playground/project…then do just that. But to build the site up to the point where fucking Leslie Mann is name dropping members and then kill it because it’s “too hard to maintain & I just want to have fun”, that’s just cruel & unfair to us regulars. Regulars that you’ve managed to piss off & continue to piss off more and more with your flippant attitude towards how we feel about these changes.

        I say give the site a noble death. Let it die with some dignity, rather than a shadow of its former self. Cash out & let the people who actually care do the celeb gossip site thing…

        • grgecdnbastard

          Hey Caitie,

          I will be in Chicago in November. Let’s get Hawk tickets and share a bong!


          P.S. I would have sent this through an e-mail or a posting, but the profiles are gone …

  • So long

    It’s clear that moe only cares about himself, because every change he has ever made to the site was only to benefit himself and not the users. Not that moe cares, but I’m out of here.

    • Moe

      Thanks for your support until now.

      You hate us, but we’ll always love you.

      • Tell me how you really feel, Moe. lol

    • Nookies

      Its because hes a liberal new yorker mmhm

  • dinodan1

    Agree with most of the “Constructive Criticism” in here.

    On another note…i just moved to MN, anybody have Ari’s contact info…..she was hot

    • You moved to MN? I moved to MO! Anyone from Missouri?
      I miss Ari!

  • 1stclassarmysgt

    You mean, like this?

  • 1stclassarmysgt

    I’m such a lame ass. Like this:

  • 1stclassarmysgt

    Forget it!

    • Nookies


      • 1stclassarmysgt


    • Loser

      Let me try…

      • Loser

        maybe you’re not using proper quotes?

        • Am I a loser too?

          • grgecdnbastard

            Picture fail = loser.

      • 1stclassarmysgt

        FML! LOL!

  • lenilovesfeet

    Does anyone know how I can contact Glimmer?

    • asdfasdq24 A3R4 ASrtF W4R 343WW wew 2

      Nope. Without profiles it is practically impossible to keep in touch with anyone. Removing profiles was a horrendously stupid idea.

      • Moe

        Profiles was used by about 25-30 people.

        I site went down about 30 times a week, so it definitely got frustrating for us in the backend.

  • The new website sucks

    the website blows now. Sense of community is gone. Without that, there is nothing to draw most people on a regular basis. There are hundreds of websites that have celebrity pics. Many have a LOT more pics of many more celebrities than this this worthless bastardly website does. It seems to me that there are very few comments being posted, and most are being posted by the same two or three people. I used to visit this site almost every day and was a regular contributor. Now I hardly ever visit this site anymore.

    • Moe

      Thanks for the love until now.

  • razzmatazz

    Why does this stupid website require entering an email address when submitting a comment? Does anyone actually provide a legitimate email address?

  • Moe

    Creating your profile…

    [wpvideo tEaexv0T]

    • Oink

      Profiles are only useful if all users who post comments are required to use them.

  • The Ghost Of Bastardly Bastards Past

    Someone says that they don’t like the new changes.

    Moe’s reply:

    • Moe


      hey now!

      can’t we all just get along?

  • Who

    Stick a fork in it


    moe… what have you done to this place? the fact that glimmer isn’t here anymore tells the whole tale.

    • Moe

      One of these days I’ll be vindicated!!! Glimmer’s just lurking and will eventually return once he gets over whatever he’s going over…

      Right, Glim?


        nah son. glimmer is the bastardly… erm moe jackson mascot. its like nintendo without mario. gotham without batman… i dunno. i’ll tell u this though moe. the bastardly got big because of guys like mccraken, the chef, pam, caitie harmful, d55, evil samurai the list goes on. but the reason why myself and the many other posters came here was because it was different. it was so different to anything else out there u couldn’t help but b drawn in. and that was down to u and jackson

        however the vision u created is nolonger urs. the day u changed the name to appease advertisers was the first step to losing that original “we don’t give a fuck” era of bastardly. its not ur fault though. its the natural order of business. get revenue, get paid, then u can maintain an growing site. simple

        but when u appease an outside party, u become like every other cookie jar that that outsider has its fingers in. nobody came bastardly to get info they couldn’t get elsewhere. they came to discuss it like it couldn’t b elsewhere.



          no matter how heated discussion got, it was discussion and to those involved or not. it was entertaining. that draw is gone. you’ve now got yourself a default celebrity blog site not worth anymore notice than the hundreds out there. no heat.

          that is the truth. i don’t frequent blog sites. never have. but i was a bastardly regular. that’s how great ur product was. if u can get that edge back. those 300 comments on a single post days will b back again.

          i wish u guys the best and will always support u.

          lokiman the cataclysmic bastard

          • Moe

            you make very valid points. While we can never be the same blog as before, I’m hopeful we can slowly mold together something that captures the best of both worlds. It’ll take time.

            Bastardly didn’t happen overnight, so we’re hoping our luck turns one of these days.

          • LOOOOOOKI!

            Holy shitballs.

            One of the O.G. crew has emerged.

            I completely agree with 99% of what you’re saying, Loki. 99% of it. The 1% I disagree with is glimmer being the Moejackson mascot. There was no reason for him to be here. He didn’t like any of the women, he didn’t really do anything aside from being creepy & weird. And post random links. And defend people who didn’t need defending that needed to leave the site ages ago because they were psychopathic. But that’s just my opinion.

            If anyone is the Moejackson/Bastardly mascot, it’s Leni. I mean…c’mon…who else would look that good in their shwag?

            And Moe, if you want the site to return to its former glory, stop fucking with it. And listen to your old school contingent.

  • FallenRawToast

    OK I have been overseas in a real shit hole for a long LONG time, without any real internet access, and I come back to this…….

    WTF you totally killed what made aka into just a generic whatever site.

    I guess I will have to find some other site with a bit of community in it to whore up my need for celeb trash.

    …so long and thanks for all the fish.

    • Moe

      sorry you feel that way, man.

      you’re welcome to create a account & take things for a test run:

      for the record, Jackson & I are still running the show behind the scenes

      • FallenRawToast

        See that is sort of the problem with the new setup, I already have a wordpress, twitter and facebook account. For my “REAL LIFE” I really dont need my guilty pleasure of Celeb bashing to be something my mother, work friends or boss need to see.

        And with the current iteration of site design there isnt enough here for me to want to create a throwaway account on any of those platforms to bother keeping up with the happpenings here.

        So Moe and Jackson, I thank you for the mirth you provided me with in the past, but I just dont see any incentive to continue on whoring it up here now. Now that you have killed the one thing that made this site unique amongst all the others.

        • Moe

          hey now! you’re making us seem like a porn/egotastic-type guilty pleasure as opposed to an gossip site written by straight guys (a rarity these days).

          As for your mother, work friends or boss, I assure you that they won’t be completely turned off by the content here–assuming they have a sense of humor, of course.

          • grgecdnbastard

            Get the hint Moe! Roll back the site to 2009.