Housekeeping: How Are Things Now?

We’ve been endlessly tweaking things on the site for the past couple weeks so I hope the two or three of you bastards who are still around find some of the changes useful. Our goal is to find a healthy balance between community, ease of use and stability, so thank you for your patience while we work through the kinks!

Please take a few seconds to give us constructive feedback and we’ll do our best to take all your suggestions into consideration when deciding what to tackle next.

Community Will Return
We’ve done this a long time & each time we’ve transitioned people have left for one reason or another. This time we’re thinking much more long-term than before & I can all but guarantee a new batch of peeps will settle in. It might take a few months or a year, but they will come. At the end of the day, crazy people will drive us nuts whether they’re logged in or not (we have many examples from over the years), but the benefits of an open community are far greater. We just came to the realization that a gossip site shouldn’t force people create an account when somebody just wants to leave a couple thoughts & never come back. At times, those are some of the most entertaining comments. At the end of the day, we’re commenting on celebrities, their respective legs, racks, butts, etc., so we gotta stop taking ourselves so seriously & just enjoy the few minutes away from our robot lives. Right?!

Navigating The Gallery
We’ve made it so that you can click on the photo itself to go to the next photo. Once each gallery set finishes, it will go to the next gallery in the archives, so if you’re really bored out of your mind, you can literally spend a few days in the gallery section & not even scratch the surface of our entire collection of nearly 40,000 posts over the past eight years. Ya, I know, we have no lives.

HTML For Posting Photos & Videos
If you’re looking post photos, use simple HTML like this:
Videos are much easier: Just paste the YouTube video link & it’ll automatically embed the video to the comment. Video services other than YouTube will appear as links..

Feature Highlight: Daily Catwalks
Previously we used to create separate posts for these daily catwalks, but that limited the number of celebrities we could post, as well as the speed we could get new photos up on the site. This new section attacks both problems and creates an area that’s offers a highly curated selection of candid and red carpet photos that we feel deserve a spotlight. You can easily comment on these photos by clicking directly on the photo or on the comment bubble that appears when hovering over the photo.

Let us know how we can make this section better. We truly feel it makes the consumption of the latest photos far easier than before! Less clicks, ads and pageloads! Who doesn’t like that?

Feature Highlight: Mobile Version
While obviously not as robust as the full version, we still like what you can do on the new mobile site! You can quickly view photos in the gallery and make comments when on your smartphone! When you’re on the go, the mobile site is definitely worth a look-see.

Again, thank you for your support and patience. We’ll continue trying our best to win you bastards over one by one. In the meantime, happy browsing!