MoeJackson’s $50 eBay Gift Card Giveaway: September’s Top Commenter

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In order to induce a little more participation from a few of you old-schoolers who still linger here from time to, we felt monthly giveaways might help us in our efforts. We were just going to run with a simple Blu-ray off Amazon, but we felt the need to get a little creative, so we’re opting for an eBay gift card this first month. Who knows what we’ll give away next month, so if you’re interested in participating, show us some love by commenting on your favorite celebrities, especially in our daily catwalks section, which features fashionable celebrities who caught our eye over the past 24-48 hours.

The rules are simple: Just remember, you need to be registered (either via WordPress or use your Twitter or Facebook accounts) to qualify for these monthly giveaways. Anonymous commenters, regardless of how much you comment, are not eligible for the monthly giveaway. This first month was special, so we decided to go with just one commenter, but subsequent months will probably be different in that we might choose the top 3 or 5—depending on how we feel. Giveaway sizes will also vary depending on how things are going on the cash flow front. Also, if you’re gonna be annoying & leave stupid comments to rack up your count, you’ll automatically be disqualified. Jackson & I will gauge the annoyance level.

With that in hand, the first month’s winner is….[drum roll]….SKILLIGAN (Contact us @ contact to claim it!)! What a shocker, right? We wanna thank you for the love you’ve shown by commenting on pretty much every post since our relaunch last in August. As some of you bastards might have noticed, we’re picking up a couple new readers here & there, so we’re thinking that in about 2-3 years, we should be back to a steady flow of 10-15 readers! OW!

Since we want to induce more of you bastards to join the community via WordPress (Sign Up Here), we figured this might be a good time to show off the notifications tab which allows for readers to keep up with their own comments left on various blogs, as well as easily read new comments on the site without having to visit each & every page. Trust me, it’s pretty cool & makes the process of following a blog much easier. Check below for a couple screenshots:
The WordPress Notifications Tab

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  • George the Canadian Bastard

    Great, but how do we know that you won’t send the cash using Amazon shipping?

    P.S. Skilligan is a lucky bastard.

  • It is an honor to win this award

  • Good work skilligan!

    • Moe

      ha. It’s gonne be hard to outdo the Clint Eastwood Gif…

  • bryanzee

    Internet Hermit Award Awarded To Skilligan!


  • The monthly Skilligan award? Heh

    • Moe

      ha. Good one, Gabbo.

      Hey, it could be you or any of the 4 other people who comment! OW!

      • bryanzee

        The “THE BASTARDS ARE AMONG US” area actually seems more stacked then ever.

        • Speaking of Bastards, did you ever see those Olga pics I had?

          • bryanzee

            Nope, hard to keep up with threads, been busy. I would have seen then if we still had our profiles because I’m sure you would have sent them to me.

          • Moe and Nookies were talking bad things about Olga from this pic. Heh

          • bryanzee

            Still hot, just seen her in the Expatriate and every time she was on screen I got semi chubs

          • Moe

            Olga needs to do a show like “Shameless” on HBO or Showtime.

            CHOP CHOP!

          • Ha yeah, with profiles, I’d have left them.

            You’ll be happy to know, I didn’t touch her hair even though I had talked to her on 3 consecutive days. Not 1, not 2, but 3! Yeah, I made a Lebron joke.

            Paraphrasing our conversations: She agreed that she is deliberately moving away from the “looking hot while shooting guns” and playing damsels in distress roles. And we got to talk about Land of Oblivion, a pet project Russian movie about Chernobyl (not the movie Oblivion which she is in with Tom Cruise). She was a little disappointed that it’s still quite a controversial topic in Russia/Ukraine, as well as in Japan with their tsunami/meltdown last year.

      • Sorry, I only comment twice a week. Damn, I used up my quota already.

        • Moe

          LOW BLOW!!

  • spanglylovesheels

    Hah! I love contests where no one knows they are competing and the only one that happens to show up every day gets the prize.

    • McP Where we give awards like it’s the Special Olympics.

    • Moe

      HEY NOW!!

      I thought everyone liked surprises?

  • McP

    Way to go, Skilligan. Can I borrow $20?

  • Still hot, just seen her in the Expatriate and every time she was on screen I got semi chubs