Mila Kunis Is the Sexiest Woman Alive (As Per Esquire Magazine)

Mila Kunis Is the Sexiest Woman Alive (As Per Esquire Magazine)Photo Credit: Esquire Magazine, November, 2012

If Demi Moore overdoses on painkillers or gets a DUI within the next 24 hours, we’ll know exactly why. Obviously the big winner in all this is not Mila, but Ashton! It’s still kind of sad that he’s banging Mila Kunis these days, but hey, the world is fucked up, so what’s new, right?

It’s very difficult to name somebody “Sexiest Woman Alive,” especially a girl-next-door type of chick like Mila Kunis, so I don’t even know who deserves such an honor these days. And with regards to choosing Candice: Choosing a Victoria’s Secret supermodel is all too easy b/c is it her job to be crazy-sexy & beautiful?

THE INTERVIEW: Definitely worth a read as Mila, who declares that she isn’t a celebrity, but rather a “working actress”—whatever the fuck that means. Check it here >>

  • err

    Body-wise, my vote goes to Candice. Face-wise, Mila. Personality-wise, Mila. Chick I’d want to bang, Candice. Chick I’d want to hang out with, Mila.

    • John Connor

      my vote goes to Candice. Face-wise, Candice. Personality-wise, Candice. Accent: Candice, Chick I’d want to bang, Candice. Chick to marry: Candice

  • Nookies

    Boxy torso, weight fluctuations, in all reality has no tits but photoshop and pushing them up while smashing them together makes a world of difference. Lets also not forgot how bad she looks without makeup most of the time.

    • grgecdnbastard

      You are on target with this one just like you were with that squirrel.

      • Nookies

        Yeah I saw two little ones today, but since they are still kids I’ll let them live ^_^

        • bryanzee


          • Nookies

            You are what you eat.

          • spanglylovesheels


          • Nookies

            Just kidding, vagina tastes gross.

  • I don’t know about sexiest but gorgeous for sure. Her eyes, smile, legs, feet and personality are 10/10.
    She doesn’t have boobs or ass but those could be easily corrected by surgery (which she does not need imo). Small boobs are fine, ass can be improved by doing exercises that build up glutes.
    I love her.

  • Fuzzy_Bear

    Easy to fall in love with this woman.

  • bryanzee


  • xoo

    She’s not perfect but imo she’s sexy and her flaws make her even more likeable.

  • thebattleofbastogne

    Mila is a great choice for sexiest woman alive. She’s easily one of the most beautiful women on the planet. I absolutely love her legs which are her best feature.

  • i have no issue with her winning, she is gorgeous, tight little body, i don’t see the issues others talk about

  • Mila just looks so, so, so, so, fuckable…that’s the only word I could think of….

  • haha, now way

  • No arguments here, that’s my girl.

  • McP

    You could make the argument for a couple dozen women. She’s certainly in the discussion, so she’s a reasonable choice. Her body is flawed, but that face is world class.

  • It’s The Truth

    Candice has nothing on Mila, sorry.

  • Hey, they had to tell her something to get her to drop her laundry. You could easily find 10 hotter women in these pages. And she has that Ashton Kutcher stank.

  • She’s not in my current top 10, but it’s a rather subjective category. Maybe Moe has to run one of those poll things to see what’s the deal. Put up who you like more.

    In case anyone cares, I vote Miranda, Candice, Kate Becks, Candace/Sara package, Sarah Rafferty/Meghan Markle, Tomei, Olga, and Halle Berry. Now you can rip my list.

    • Nookies

      I follow Meghan Markle on twitter. Came into suits when Season 2 was 1 episode away from the finale. Shes gorgeous. Shame she only posts pics of her FUCKING FOOD.

      • Both Sarah and Meghan look great, so much that I temporarily forgot their real names and could only think of their character names. That’s how distracted I was. I’ll eventually get to their pics to upload.

    • McP

      Once upon a time, like 2 months ago, we could keep a list on our profiles. The good ol’ days.

      • Moe

        hey now! you can keep a list on your gravatar profile!! OWW!

        • grgecdnbastard

          I like the old days when you used to be able to PM a picture of your peen.

    • bryanzee

      This is actually a very legit list.

      • Olga cheated to be on the list, not that there is anything wrong with that. But that is my current top 10 in order.

  • spanglylovesheels

    She is very attractive but I never feel that she is that sexy. She is very girl next door and would be great to hang with.

  • What does it say when a men’s magazine with a large proportion of gay subscribers picks the world’s sexiest woman? What’s that worth? Who’s next? Cher? Bette Midler? Madonna? Gaga?

    • Nookies

      I seriously don’t think any of those men mags like maxim, fhm,esquire have a dominantly gay staff..wouldn’t make sense.

  • The ugly truth

    She’s sexy but not the sexiest woman alive. The same goes for Candice.

  • mclovin

    shes cute but I dont think shes sexiest woman alive

  • Bozz

    @grgecdnbastard like Nookies did?