BREAKING!! Mila Kunis Walks & Sips On Her Coffee AT THE SAME TIME!

'The Angriest Man In Brooklyn' actress Mila Kunis leaving a yoga class and stopping at Starbucks for a coffee in Studio City

We’ve long been covering celebrities doing things at the same time—whether it’s as simple as walking & talking on their cell phones or crazy as the late Amy Winehouse vacuuming & taking out the trash at the same time, so we figured it was about time we put all those posts into a single category just in case some of you bastards want to kill time looking at celebrities performing multiple tasks at the same time—hey, people do crazier shit when they get bored, a’right!

And, for those of you bastards who’re keeping count, this is Mila’s second time being featured in the category for walking & sipping on her coffee at the same time.