So Wait, Glamour Mag Actually Thinks Selena Gomez is a Woman?

Selena Gomez Covers Glamour Magazine, December 2012Photo Credit: Glamour Magazine; Photos by Ellen von Unwerth

If she’s a woman, then what the fuck are Charlize Theron & Halle Berry? Grandmas?

I understand that Selena Gomez just hit 20 this past summer, but we can all agree on the fact that she doesn’t look a day older than 11, in which case this post just took a sudden turn for Creepy Bastardville.

Here’s one of the reasons Selena Gomez qualifies as a women of the year: “She’s giving back to people who need help, because of her own life experience…She’s the exception to so many rules.” Who said that? 22-year-old Taylor Swift!! I think it’s safe to assume that judging by Taylor’s answer, it sounds like somebody was caught off guard & proceeded to simply pull something—anything—out of her ass.