October’s Top Commenters: Skilligan, Lenilovesfeet & Mundo; Prizes Include: Ebay & Fandango Gift Cards!

Before we announce this month’s prizes, I wanna let everyone know (all five of you bastards) that we’re planning to transition to a new commenting system within the next month. The delay is mostly because we’re still deciding between Disqus & Livefyre, but leaning toward the latter, mainly because it’s free & it’s the new kid on the block! If any of you have experience with either, please chime in below.

We can’t say this enough, but many thanks to everyone (again, all 5 of you) for your continued support as we slowly claw our way back to relevancy (3 more years to go!)! We’re doing our best to make the few minutes each of you spend on the site worth your time, so if you have any suggestions on that end, please comment below or contact us directly via email.

Let’s move to this month’s top commenters! The top-dogg was once again Skilligan, followed up by Leni & Mundo. Many thanks to the three, as well as all you other bastards who make the comments interesting. We’re still waiting or D55 to make a cameo appearance, as well as a few of the other, less-annoying commenters from over the years.

This month’s prizes include $50 Ebay gift card to Skilligan & $25 Fandango gift cards to Leni & Mundo. Please contact us with your email address to claim your prize!

For those of you looking to participate in November, all you have to do is use a non-anonymous account (Gravatar, WordPress, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) is not be annoying.