BREAKING! Dianna Agron Fills A Parking Meter In West Hollywood!

Dianna Agron seen making her way into an office building in Los Angeles

Granted, Dianna Agron’s not dressed in the outfit we want her to wear (see below), but this sexy spring-inspired look isn’t all that bad, to be honest. Taking into her account her recent outings, at least Dianna takes care of herself and makes sure she doesn’t look like a complete hobo when going out in public.

So yeah, until Dianna wears a sexier outfit, we’ll keep plugging the following pic…
Dianna Agron showing some skin at the Dior lunch in Beverly Hills 1

Dianna Agron - Out in West Hollywood addsfsafa

We always like plugging celeb interviews w/ Jimmy Kimmel, so here’s last Dianna’s appearance on the late night show: