October’s Top Commenters: Skilligan, Lenilovesfeet & Mundo; Prizes Include: Ebay & Fandango Gift Cards!

Before we announce this month’s prizes, I wanna let everyone know (all five of you bastards) that we’re planning to transition to a new commenting system within the next month. The delay is mostly because we’re still deciding between Disqus & Livefyre, but leaning toward the latter, mainly because it’s free & it’s the new kid on the block! If any of you have experience with either, please chime in below.

We can’t say this enough, but many thanks to everyone (again, all 5 of you) for your continued support as we slowly claw our way back to relevancy (3 more years to go!)! We’re doing our best to make the few minutes each of you spend on the site worth your time, so if you have any suggestions on that end, please comment below or contact us directly via email.

Let’s move to this month’s top commenters! The top-dogg was once again Skilligan, followed up by Leni & Mundo. Many thanks to the three, as well as all you other bastards who make the comments interesting. We’re still waiting or D55 to make a cameo appearance, as well as a few of the other, less-annoying commenters from over the years.

This month’s prizes include $50 Ebay gift card to Skilligan & $25 Fandango gift cards to Leni & Mundo. Please contact us with your email address to claim your prize!

For those of you looking to participate in November, all you have to do is use a non-anonymous account (Gravatar, WordPress, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) is not be annoying.

  • jimbolovesmiley

    No one is gonna beat skilligan he leaves a comment on EVERY post, i think hes given up his job to be on this site!

    • Moe

      hey now!!

      the mobile version of the site makes it real easy to comment, so maybe he’s using that?

      • xoo

        the mobile version is great. very cleary.

      • jimbolovesmiley

        Sorry i haven’t used the mobile version because im old school and my mobile is for phoning people and the odd text!

  • George the Canadian Bastard

    Damn it! I posted at least three asinine comments last month.

  • Nookies

    skilligan is such a kiss ass its pathetic. His nose must reek of shit.

    • bryanzee

      You should start posting more so Moe can start paying for your WoW subscriptions.

      • Nookies

        If moe actually gives them their shit ill suck on your left nut.

  • I don’t get the hate, I comment because i LIKE the site, I commented on the old site as well. I also skip all movie reviews and posts on fellas so there is ground to be made up

    • grgecdnbastard

      Yeah. Where’s the love?

  • Hey thanks Moe…sent you my email addy…but not sure if I did it right….as for commenting well I do like the site also….I have used celeb pictures for my photoshopping which are great for doing that…haven’t done much lately tho…and since I check for pictures that I can use, well might as well comment something on it….

    • Moe

      didn’t get the email for some reason. Send it again when you get a second.

      Got Leni’s.


      • Got it…thanks Moe…now if I can figure out how to cash in…

      • Got it, thanks Moe!!!
        Next time ebay card pls, need new shoes more than seeing new movies, haha

  • lenilovesfeet

    Email sent, thanks Moe. Also, I tried to post pictures like I used to did but it won’t work anymore, pics won’t show up. What am I doing wrong?

    • Moe

      Hey Leni– you gotta use the basic HTML format for now. Later on when we make our upgrade, you can just paste links to images & the system will do the rest

      Here’s the code for basic html: replace “Page-image-link-here” w/ your jpg/whatever format:

      • Moe

        don’t include that line after the last >

        don’t know why that’s there…

    • spanglylovesheels

      Congratulations Lenny! You deserve the top prize in my opinion but skilligan is a lock. The movie tickets should be fun for a night out with the family.

      I tried to email you back at the email you used to contact me but I guess it only works one time? Love to check in with you from time to time so hit me at mine some time again if you can?

      • lenilovesfeet

        I have not checked that email for weeks, sorry Ch. W.! I’ve been busy as hell, will email you this weekend with details. <3

  • Moe is a sellout

    Congratulations, on being the top posters on a site nobody posts on anymore.

    • Moe

      we love you too, you whorebag.

  • bryanzee

    Moe send me a 100.00 Karma Loop Gift Card for making this site more fresh with each post.

    • Moe

      GOnna hit Karma Loop next time rather than fandango.

  • 1stclassarmysgt

    Skilligan is rich!

  • Loser

    Livefyre kicks ass, but the advantage w disqus is simple: the registered userbase is already huge.