Nahla’s Thanksgiving: Mommy’s New Boyfriend & Daddy Had A Catfight; Both Go To The Hospital; And, Daddy Goes To Jail

First of all, I’m very curious to see some video footage of French actor Olivier Martinez’s alleged Thanksgiving morning beatdown of French-Canadian male model & Halle’s ex Gabriel Aubry. I imagine a lot of slapping, hair pulling, scratching, chipped fingernails, bad breath, long bear hugs, cigarette breaks & spitting as both men cuss each other out in French.

The latest reports from bribed sources courtesy of deep pockets at TMZ are reporting that there was a scuffle in the morning at Halle’s pad that sent both Gabriel and Halle’s fiance Olivier Martinez to the hospital. There are photos of scratched knuckles on TMZ, so it looks like shit really went down! At the end of the day, Gabriel Aubry ended up in jail at around 5:30 in the afternoon & then was subsequently released after posting the $20,000 bail.

Since when did these rich people get all ghetto? We’re pretty sure the courts are going to screw over Aubry by limiting his visitation rights even more, but I wouldn’t automatically declare Halle the victim in all this simply because Aubry went to her home & got into a fight w/ her new man. All this was probably brewing for a while and simply exploded on Thanksgiving day when Aubry & Halle failed to compromise on how to divide up Nahla’s Thanksgiving day.

Ultimately Halle hit Thanksgiving dinner at her parent’s home w/ fiance Olivier Martinez & Nahla, while
Gabriel Aubry spent the day at the hospital & the jail. The biggest loser in all this is obviously Nahla, but according to those same bribed TMZ sources, Halle apparently rushed Nahla indoors before Olivier & Gabriel started their catfight.