2012 Stylish Celebrity of the Year Miranda Kerr Went Out Last Night

The always stunning Miranda Kerr braves the winter chill with black leather short shorts, a green sweater, tights and a pea coat, while heading out in New York City.

It’ll take a major snowstorm & below zero temperatures to force ultra-stylish Miranda Kerr in to wearing boring winter clothes (Note: boring winter clothes in Planet Miranda Kerr is still probably hotter than most people’s regular wardrobe), but the Australian supermodel mommy left her baby boy Flynn w/ the nanny when she catwalked around NYC last night wearing black leather short shorts, a green sweater, tights and a pea coat. Simple, sexy & always stunning. This woman needs to capitalize on the style thing by launching her own brand—CHOP CHOP!

  • gorgeous and her hair is gorgeous

  • backwoodsman

    Finally, a set without an updo or insectoid sunglasses. She looks great here!

  • err

    Her hair looks like it smells nice and soft.

  • lenilovesfeet

    Miranda is cute as hell, her smile is very pretty.
    Everyone picks on Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s nose while Miranda’s is equally bad if not worse and no one says shit about it.

    • err

      I’d say worse.

    • bryanzee

      Maybe its because Rosie has fish lips

  • spanglylovesheels

    She is amazing. Love love love her and how pretty she is. Love that she is wearing black sheer pantyhose on those legs too!