SYDNEY: Taylor Swift & Others @ ARIA Music Awards Awards 2012

Taylor Swift, Rubi Rose, Rickilee Coulter

Pictured: Taylor Swift, Rubi Rose, & Rickilee Coulter

As we mentioned yesterday, Taylor Swift is currently promoting her latest album “Red” in Sydney. The promiscuous 22-year-old pop star hit the red carpet at the 26th Annual ARIA Music Awards Awards earlier today (it’s already 2AM Friday over there) along w/ a long list of local celebrities. Taylor performed “I Knew You Were Trouble” as one of the night’s many acts.

Just to give a taste of different names in pop music on the other side of the planet, here are big winners from the night:

  • Rubi isn’t bad

  • reqq

    so fucking sick of that bitch ass swift

  • LaLa

    Taylor is adorable. Ruby Rose is a hottie.

  • Wordsgone

    Have to disagree with your calling Taylor “promiscuous”, Taylor Swift is a serial dater (everybody knows that) but being a serial dater does not exclusively mean that you are promiscuous. Promiscuous is defined as having casual sexual relationships.

    • Fuzzy_Bear

      I wouldnt’ mind getting in line for her.

  • 1stclassarmysgt

    I love Taylor Swift.