Keeley Hazell Does Final FHM Shoot: “Acting Is My Life Now.”

Keeley Hazell Covers January, 2013 FHM UK Magazine

So wait a minute, Keeley thinks that moving to L.A. becoming a Hollywood star will keep men from objectifying her?


The Page 3 model moved out to Los Angeles a few years ago in pursuit of her dreams of becoming an actress. Sadly, it hasn’t been that easy especially when you consider all the dirtbags directors, producers, agents & actors who’ve probably promised her a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, but as always achieving something big will never be easy. I gotta give Keeley major props for dropping the modeling gig & jumping ship to something new b/c it’s never easy to screw a steady paycheck for something completely unpredictable. Our only tip: Every man has a weakness, even the very powerful ones, so go get em, Keeley!!

In their interview, FHM asked Keely how she ended up back in the magazine after all these years?

Keeley answers: I guess I wanted to say, ‘Hey, I’m still alive, but I’ve moved on.’ I didn’t want to turn my back on my fans and modelling past as I made the transition from model to actor.

FHM: Is this comeback for good? Will we be seeing a lot more of Keeley int eh future?

Keeley: No I’m afraid not. This is it for me now…