Keeley Hazell Does Final FHM Shoot: “Acting Is My Life Now.”

Keeley Hazell Covers January, 2013 FHM UK Magazine

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So wait a minute, Keeley thinks that moving to L.A. becoming a Hollywood star will keep men from objectifying her?


The Page 3 model moved out to Los Angeles a few years ago in pursuit of her dreams of becoming an actress. Sadly, it hasn’t been that easy especially when you consider all the dirtbags directors, producers, agents & actors who’ve probably promised her a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, but as always achieving something big will never be easy. I gotta give Keeley major props for dropping the modeling gig & jumping ship to something new b/c it’s never easy to screw a steady paycheck for something completely unpredictable. Our only tip: Every man has a weakness, even the very powerful ones, so go get em, Keeley!!

In their interview, FHM asked Keely how she ended up back in the magazine after all these years?

Keeley answers: I guess I wanted to say, ‘Hey, I’m still alive, but I’ve moved on.’ I didn’t want to turn my back on my fans and modelling past as I made the transition from model to actor.

FHM: Is this comeback for good? Will we be seeing a lot more of Keeley int eh future?

Keeley: No I’m afraid not. This is it for me now…

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what is she gonna go, soft core porn?


Nobody is going to take her seriously lol

Who is she kidding


Well good luck Keeley, you got the right tools, all you need is to meet a real Horny Director to get you started...

MoeJackson moderator


The right horny producer or A-List actor would do the trick as well.