NYC: Kristen Stewart Gets Leggy For “On The Road” Premiere

Kristen Stewart

On The Road is the upcoming film that has received buzz because Kristen Stewart gets topless. The film is an adaptation of the novel by the same name and stars Garrett Hedlund, Sam Riley, Amy Adams, Alice Braga, Elisabeth Moss, Kirsten Dunst and Viggo Mortensen, in addition to Kristen but none of that matters because all anyone cares about are Kristen’s topless scenes, yes, scenes, plural. Just Google “Kristen Stewart topless” and we’re sure you’ll come across enough rips and still from the film that you likely won’t even bother heading to the theater. But for those who will, On The Road opens in US theaters on December 21st.

In 1947, Sal Paradise (Sam Riley) is a young writer whose life is shaken and ultimately redefined by the arrival of Dean Moriarty (Garrett Hedlund), a free-spirited, fearless, fast-talking Westerner and his girl, Marylou (Kristen Stewart). [Wiki]