Crunch time: final week of the regular season in the NFL


Now that the Holidays are almost over, it means one thing in the NFL. The playoffs are about to begin. We’re not quite there as we still have one final week and there’s still much to decide throughout the league. All of the teams in the AFC are set but the seeding still hasn’t been decided. Houston holds the top spot for now but both Denver AND New England can take over but Houston showed a couple of weeks ago that it can handle the Colts, now they’ll have to do it on the road. It’s hard to believe that Denver will love to the Chiefs so I think Manning and co can be confident they’ll see a first round bye. I think the rest of the seeding in the AFC will stay the same but the road going forward could change depending on the top 3 teams.

The NFC is a bit more complicated because there are still two spots up for grabs and five teams with possibilities of taking that position. Also up for grabs are the NFC West and East division titles. The Seahawks could still take the West and while it might seem like a tall order, the 49ers are battling lots of injuries but the flip side is that they’re playing the Cardinals who haven’t been good in months. I think it’s going to be closer than expected but I still believe that the Niners will win the game the division. Once again my Cowboys are in a do-or-die situation in the final week of the season, going up against RG3 on Sunday night (was anyone surprised this game got flexed?) for all the division marbles. The Cowboys must win but the Redskins don’t necessarily have to, as they can still clinch a wild card but they would need help from other teams. Those teams are up in the North division where the Vikings win and they’re in but the Bears will watching closely as they need a win with a Vikings loss to get into the postseason.

Tons of fireworks expected Sunday as the final week of the 2012 NFL season is here. My take: I think the AFC picture stays pretty much the same but if I had to bet, i’d say the Broncos take over the 1 seed. Nothing else there. I think Purple Jesus carries the Vikings into the postseason (MVP secured?) and my Cowboys are able to take care of business to make the postseason. It’s time, i’m tired of Romo and co being labeled as chokers and not being able to win the big game.