NYC: Rihanna Rocks Fur Vest & Timberland Boots As She Catwalks into Airport!

Exclusive - Rihanna Catches A Flight Out of NYC

Damn, talk about lookin’ like a million bucks! I know it’s pretty damn obvious, but I’m really digging this look that Rihanna has going in these pics as she was spotted leaving her NYC hotel & heading to the airport to a catch flight out of the city. So, let get this right: She’s wearing a leather jacket w/ a fur vest over it? A very not-PETA-friendly getup, but for some reason it works well.

As for where she’s headed, we’re pretty sure she’s going to either L.A. or New Orleans to get a head start on Super Bowl-related festivities.

Exclusive - Rihanna Catches A Flight Out of NYC

  • xenia

    I wish i could change my hairstyle as often as she does

    • MoeJackson

      xenia ya, i know. Didn’t she have short hair ike 24 hours ago? HA.

      • xenia

        @MoeJackson xenia yes and that lucky bitch looks good no matter if her hair is long,short,red,brown,black,blue..

  • McP

    Die bitch.

    • RoxyGilmour

      McP LOL!

  • amanda

    she’s so full of herself.

  • bryanzee

    What a wonderful jacket, makes her slightly more sexy

  • ramman2012

    Stupid Skank

  • skilligan

    always sexy, this outfit is excellent

  • Bozz

    Remember when Cassie first had that haircut, people were mocking her, and now that fucking hair cut is everywhere.