Oscar Pistorius Should Just Confess; Possibly Suffers From Multiple Personality Disorder?

**BREAKING NEWS** South African sprint runner Oscar Pistorius aka the Blade Runner is charged with murder after his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp was found dead with gunshot wounds at his home, after what was first thought to have been a Valentine's Day surp

Earlier today a detective testified in the Oscar Pistorius bail hearing and all we gotta say is that it’s not looking good for the former South African national hero. Along with providing further details about the crime scene, the detective also revealed that two boxes of testosterone & needles were recovered from Pistorius’ bedroom, although his lawyers claim the substances found were a legal “herbal remedy.” Obviously doping is the least of Oscar’s problems considering Detective Warrant Officer Hilton Botha revealed the following bits of info:

1. Detective Botha says he believed Pistorius “knew that Reeva was in the bathroom and he shot four shots through the door.” He added, “We believe he was moving into the bathroom firing. There was no escape for Steenkamp.”

2. Oscar has NOT given inconsistent statements (which doesn’t really make sense since he revealed a couple key holes in Oscar’s version of the incident)

3. Forensics evidence revealed that Pistorius shot at the door top down from a height of about five feet of distance. If you guys remember, Oscar said he shot at the door while on his stumps, so maybe he was jumping while shooting?

4. The 9mm holster was recovered on Reeva Steenkamp’s side of the bed, which calls into question Oscar’s version where he thought Reeva was still in bed.

5. After studying Reeva’s body, the detective said she absorbed shots to the right side of her head near the ear, right elbow & hip and he made sure to add that she sported no defensive wounds. You can interpret this bit of info in many ways, but does it favor the defense or the prosecution?

6. Botha said his team of investigators forgot to wear shoe covers & they also missed a spent bullet in the toilet bowl. Defense is claiming that they might have contaminated the crime scene (shows a little desperation on their part).

7. Also, investigators are searching for the “mysterious fifth cellphone” which could shed some light on final calls & texts leading up to the incident, but we’re gonna have to assume that phone is gone for good.

8. Two different neighbors heard arguments for nearly an hour coming from his home before the shooting.
Arguments were followed by screams, two gunshots, a 17-minute silence and then more shots.

Source: TheTimes

I wanted to add this comment by Gabbo on an earlier post, which included a floor plan of Oscar’s pimp-pad:

Here is a floorplan of his place. Apparently to get from the balcony to the bathroom, he has to go back through the master bedroom where he presumably puts on his legs (which he somehow doesn’t notice her in bed, but is able to get his legs and gun), goes through some type of walk through closet to get to the bathroom, where there is a locked room for the water closet. Yeah, ok.


  • skilligan

    this guy is a consistent liar, no way he thought it was a robber because he would have located her 1st, ANYONE would locate the love one 1st