NYC: Paula Patton at “2 Guns” World Premiere

Paula Patton

Paula Patton walked the red carpet at the world premiere of 2 Guns at the SVA Theatre in New York City. The film stars Denzel Washington and mark Wahlberg based on a comic series of the same name published by Boom! Studios. Paula stars as Deb in the film which is set to open in theaters on Friday, August 2nd. Visit 2 Guns for more information and showtimes.

An elaborate scam has a DEA agent and an NCIS agent investigating one another in belief that they are stealing money from the mob. But when they realize that they were set up by the CIA, they must work together to return the money and stay alive. [Wiki]

  • McP

    She looks younger and better with less makeup. Looks fantastic for 37.

  • lenilovesfeet

    I love Paula and her curves, but what happened to her face? Not her best pictures, but I still think she is an amazing looking woman.

  • lenilovesfeet

    40 is the new 30, I think nowadays women age much nicer than lets say our mom’s generation. Women gain less weight during pregnancy and recover better, some 50 year old women look young and sexy. Ok I turned 35 today, I just want to make myself feel better, ahaha!

  • ErikColquitt

    I want ti have a Romance Explosion right between that cleavage.

  • skilligan

    bad makeup but she is very pretty

  • McP

    lenilovesfeet Happy birthday, you still look great!  (Some 35 year olds look 50.)

  • McP

    lenilovesfeet I learned today she and Robin Thicke have been together since they were 16.

  • lenilovesfeet

    Thanks 🙂

  • GrgeCdnBastard

    Happy birthday Leni!

    • lenilovesfeet

      Thank you!

  • assman8

    Damn, look at that waist to hip ratio in that dress

  • lenilovesfeet

    Interesting! If that’s true, well, Robin is very lucky.

  • JimmyBrown1

    Her voice is just so annoying.

  • CarlosDanger

    She has the sophia vegara manface going on ….

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