Vanity Fair’s Model of the Year Kate Upton Catwalks Through JFK; Hits Up The 10th Annual Style Awards

Kate Upton, Model of the Year, touches down at JFK airport in New York as she arrives from Los Angeles

Let’s just say things are going well for Kate Upton these days. She’s making films, scoring covers on big-name fashion magazines (this is on top of consecutive S.I. Swimsuit issues) and on every Hollywood sugar daddy’s must-date list (more on that later).

The biggest news in Planet Upton these days is her Vanity Fair cover, as well as getting voted Model of the Year, which is obviously a big deal considering she’s not exactly your usual runway model, but rather a bikini model with more of a, shall we say, voluptuous body.

Following her stylish arrival at JFK from Los Angeles, Kate attended the 10th Annual Style Awards as part of the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Spring 2014 at Lincoln Center, which officially kicks off today (Thursday, September 5). Here’s Kate with Christie Brinkley…

10th Annual Style Awards