Jessica Alba & Her Leggy Friend Hit The Ralph Lauren Fashion Show in NYC

Jessica Alba wears a long pink skirt and a black sweater as she heads into a building in New York City

Normally when we see Jessica Alba, she’s either with her hubby Cash, holding one of her daughters, trailed by one of her nannies or talking to dudes, so it’s weird seeing Jessica standing next a seemingly sexy, leggy woman. Worst of all, the woman is making Jessica looking really short and that’s never a good thing.

These were snapped earlier this afternoon as J.Alba returned to the luxurious Trump SoHo after attending the Ralph Lauren fashion show as part of NY Fashion Week, which ends today.

Jessica Alba returning to her hotel

  • McP

    Alba still wins.   Putting Jessica in that same dress would erase all doubt.

  • curvefan

    The blonde looks more like a star.

  • lenilovesfeet

    Jessica wins, I just wish she stopped wearing boring or too modest clothes.

    • MoeJackson

      lenilovesfeet She’s not Shauna Sand, Leni!

      • lenilovesfeet

        She dressed like a 40 year old at 20 damnit 🙂 Why can’t she wear a sexy black or red dress showing SOME skin and bare legs with sexy heels sometimes? She wears loose dresses that don’t show any skin with hair put in a bun and thick pantyhose, how fucking boring is that?

        • Spanglylovesheels

          lenilovesfeet  She is frumpy.

  • ladylaz

    I would pretty much choose anyone over jessica. Friend has way hotter legs and alba looks like the matronly prudish chode that she is.

  • mike

    Jessica keeps reminding me that it’s not 2007 anymore

  • bryanzee

    She is the hotter girl, no need for that caption dammit!

  • Spanglylovesheels

    Wow. If I saw that much feminine beauty at one time in real life I would probably melt into a puddle that those two sexy ladies would hopefully step in with their sexy high heels.

  • Mundo Lopez

    If we’re rating sexy, her friend takes it….