Joe Francis’s $11 Million STD-Infested Bel-Air Estate Goes Into Foreclosure; Who’s Gonna Place A Lowball Offer?

JP Morgan Chase Bank has reportedly begun foreclosure proceedings on Joe Francis' $11 million Bel Air estate after the 'Girls Gone Wild' honcho declared bankruptcy 7 months ago and has slacked off on his mortgage payments now totaling $127,686.91

Looks like ‘Girls Gone Wild’ founder Joe Francis is no longer pulling in the big bucks. I guess people finally realized they can watch millions of hours of porn online without ordering DVDs from ‘Girl Gone Wild’. The dude declared bankruptcy about seven months back and has reported racked up missed mortgage payments totaling nearly $130K. I have a feeling he stashed away millions south of the border, so he’ll be alright.

The $11 million property, which sits high atop the hills of Bel Air, has an extremely sex-fueled history with countless sex-parties through the years, so we’re pretty sure deep-pocketed prospective buyers will tear it down to build a new pimp-pad.

Here are additional details from the papz:

He also has the adjoining property which he has converted into a state of the art video and music studio and offices. The home is nearly 5,000 square feet in size with 4 bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms complete with gym, sauna, motor court and multiple garages to house his pricey collection of sports cars.

Judging by the photo, home looks much larger than the stated 5,000 sqft. Who knows, maybe that’s just living space and one entire wing of the house is just for his cars?

  • Spanglylovesheels

    This flea made millions off us horny schmucks who stayed up too late and had a phone handy. We were vulnerable. The internet, especially Facebook and Instagram and all the other places girls take nude or lingerie selfies and post them has ruined the fucker. Its getting so low life scum can’t find work!

  • I’d hate for potential buyers to bring a black light to this villa for sale. Who knows what is going to turn up under the light! Haha!